More connectivity and durability, with a setup that takes just minutes


The PushTracker E2 makes using your SmartDrive easier than ever and was developed with connectivity and durability in mind. It’s been rigorously tested and proven to be consistently reliable and durable. No Wi-Fi or phone required to get started with the SmartDrive MX2+ and PushTracker apps preinstalled. With gesture-activated controls you can start your SmartDrive with a simple tap of your hand—no pushing or reaching necessary.

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  • Ready out of the box

    Get your SmartDrive rolling in minutes with preinstalled apps, no Wi-Fi or phone required.

  • 8x stronger Bluetooth connection

    The PushTracker E2 has an 8x more reliable Bluetooth connection and the hardware is designed to meet your daily demands.

  • Large touch screen

    Large touch screen makes it easy to use and see.

  • Settings at your fingertips

    Customize your mobility by quickly changing all your performance settings.

  • Performance & maintenance notifications

    Personal record notifications, as well as SmartDrive and wheelchair maintenance reminders right on your wrist!

  • Stay up-to-date

    Use your PushTracker E2 to perform wireless updates to make sure your devices have all the latest options and functionalities.

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PushTracker E2

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