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Service Redefined with Permobil Connect Fleet Management

Fleet Management provides dealers with one central location to access technical documentation and monitor the status of their customers Permobil Connect chairs. The new Knowledge Hub saves time by putting service manuals and technical training materials right at a technician’s fingertips. While automatic alerts and chair details are easily accessed via the provider dashboard enabling technicians to begin diagnosing service related issues before an appointment is even scheduled.


  • Proactive Maintenance via Remote Connectivity

    Accessing vital chair data remotely enables a dealer to resolve some issues without ever needing to send a service technician. While catching a minor issue early can reduce the risk of chair downtime later. When an onsite technician is required provider is able to use the information obtained remotely to better prepare for a more effective service visit.

  • Automatic Fault Log Reporting

    When an error is detected on an activated Permobil Connect chair it triggers the system to send that information right away to providers Fleet Management portal. No need to use personal cell data or WIFI service just let the chair’s internal SIM card do the work.

    The system log meaningfully organizes codes into categories including information, warnings and errors so the provider is better able to determine if a reported fault requires immediate service or a call to check on user. Technicians can access suggested remedy actions to help troubleshoot issues remotely and once issue resolved reset chair status in Fleet Management back to “OK”.

  • Chair details and metrics just a click away

    Easily access chair specifications, parts orders and measurement data to help gain a clear picture of chair’s history and current condition. Graphs illustrating battery voltage, motor current readings, seat actuator functions and travel distances allow provider to research any potential issue such as when it might be time for new batteries or if a seat actuator may require replacement. With the goal of minimizing or preventing any chair downtime a technician can use the remote chair data to help troubleshoot issues or schedule a service visit knowing before they go what tools or parts might be required.

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Permobil Connect Fleet Management