Get the most out of your Permobil

The My Permobil app offers enhanced chair performance & usage data promoting peace of mind for Permobil Connect users. Easily access information on battery charge, travel distance and power seat functions to maximize all that your Permobil wheelchair can do to help you live an active life.

  • Knowledge is power

    Gaining a better understanding of chair battery usage, charging habits and daily travel distances can help you to be better prepared for each journey in your Permobil Connect power wheelchair. While the seat function usage logs provide summary information on how often you move your power seat actuators. Use this information to develop better habits, maximize the effectiveness of your powered seating or work with your healthcare provider to develop the most appropriate targets to achieve your goals.

  • Chair details and system logs just a click away.

    Knowing your chair serial number, features and specifications can aid in communications with your service technician, funding sources or healthcare providers. The My Permobil app ensures you have all of your chair details with you at all times. Should an unexpected error occur the chair system log organizes fault codes into easy to understand categories including information, warnings and error messages. These codes are automatically transmitted to your service providers’ Fleet Management web portal allowing technicians to begin troubleshooting potential issues right away with the goal of reducing the risk of any chair downtime.

Download the My Permobil app for access to enhanced chair performance and usage information.

How do I get Permobil Connect?

Permobil Connect is available on M3/M5 and F3/F5 series chairs shipped after December 2017. Please contact Permobil Customer Support at 1-800-285-3114 to find out if your chair is equipped with Permobil Connect.

How do I activate Permobil Connect?

NEW! For chairs built since March 11, 2019, users can activate Permobil Connect without an activation code. Simply download the My Permobil App and you’ll be able to pair your wheelchair via Bluetooth – easy!


For users who do not wish to install the app, or for chairs built prior to March 11th this year, the “Welcome Letter/Activation Code” method is still available. See the video below.

Activate Permobil Connect
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