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Power your push, your way with power assist!

The power assist solution, Permobil SmartDrive, is controlled through fully programmable SwitchControl buttons and/or any one of our wearable solutions, including our new SmartDrive MX2+ App for Apple Watch. A manual wheelchair user pushes approximately 1,800 times each day. The goal of a power assist device is to reduce the number of times you must push your chair and the amount of force needed to push.

Power assist devices are an aid to your mobility and can be added on to almost any manual wheelchair. It lets the battery-powered motor propel you while you only need to manage the steering, turns, and stopping. This helps you to be proactive about your health and energy, before injuries or pain set in.

Other potential benefits of a power assist device include reducing strain with propulsion, increasing your functional mobility, and enhancing your participation in desired activities.

Check out this video to see how some SmartDrive users are benefitting from the daily use of power assist (easier trips to the grocery store, playing with their dog, attending school, or travelling).

“I use my SmartDrive every day at work. It helps me navigate the hallways, it saves wear and tear on my arms and I can get around the office quickly. It was easy to learn to use and then movements become intuitive. It’s made my life a whole lot easier…I wish I had found it a year ago.” Stephen, SmartDrive user


Click here learn more about the Permobil SmartDrive. If you would like to learn more about seating and mobility equipment, check out our digital consumer’s guide to the seating and mobility equipment. Are you already a SmartDrive MX2+ user? Click here to sign up to win an Apple Watch.

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