Permobil Handi Pac Promo

Special giveaway with TRA/ZRA

What’s a Handi Pac and how do I get one?

Handi Pac by Advanced Freedom is a bag created especially for wheelchair users (manual and power), creating more independence and freedom. It is the only front-facing, two-part, secured and accessible wheelchair bag designed for active wheelchair users that is large enough to carry a variety of goods. Its smart design and accessible features bring necessary changes to existing wheelchair bags.

Permobil Canada is proudly supporting Louise Sertsis, creator of Handi Pac, by sharing her wonderful product with our clients. Throughout 2020, we will be giving away a Permobil branded Handi Pac for any TRA/ZRA Titanium Rigid Frame wheelchair purchased in Canada. We’ve bought 200 of them to give away! These will be presented to clients on delivery by our sales rep as a gift from our team.

Features of the Product:

  • It has two parts (a compartmentalized lap piece for valuables and a vertical piece for greater storage) which can be worn independent of each other or worn together (Handi Pac vertical bag can be worn behind the chair too).
  • Oversized zippers, O-rings and magnet closures allow wheelchair users with limited dexterity to easily open and close the bag to retrieve their secured belongings.
  • Handi Pac is constructed with 1000D Cordura nylon, making it tough, durable, water-resistant and abrasion-resistant.
  • Unlike bags hanging on the backs of chairs or sides, the Handi Pac sits on the user and allows them to retrieve items with ease and convenience (Note: these come with straps to hang them on the back of the wheelchair if that’s the user’s preference).
  • Handi Pac keeps belongings in view, reducing chances of losing bags/contents to theft or falling off the chair.
  • Compliant with carry-on baggage rules, reducing the need for suitcases while traveling, and is capable of holding 15 lbs.

Lap Bag:

  • Multiple sleeves in different sized for items such as wallets, passports, makeup, notebooks, and medications.
  • Straps, O-Ring and Magnetic buttons to secure the bag around the user’s back.
  • An upper compartment with easy access pockets to hold your frequently used items like phone or glasses.

Vertical Bag:

A front-facing bag that ensures secure and easy access to the belongings of the individual.

  • Attaches directly on the individual’s legs using straps with magnetic closures.
  • Bottleholders located on each side of the bag.
  • Reflective detailing for safety in the evening.

Where can Handi Pac be used?

  • Airport & Travel
  • School, Work, and Library
  • Grocery stores and Shopping malls
  • Gym, team sports or any other physical activity

For a look at the Handi Pac in action, and a little bit about the creator, see the video to the right. To learn more about the product and how to use it, or how to buy one for yourself, please go to the Advanced Freedom website.

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