Permobil Modular Systems Packages

5MM + ROHO, buy together and save

These modular surfaces provide the optimal experience for each client. With just one mattress, there are multiple configurations available by repositioning the ROHO or foam sections.

We have expanded our line of ROHO® compatible mattresses to give you even more options. Our package options include three of the most popular 5 Minds Mobility mattresses: Acute, Adapt 2 and the Original Snap Series (OSS). These are available in 36″ width, but also in 39″ width for the Adapt 2 and OSS. The Adapt 2 and OSS also include foam bolsters on the perimeter to not only hold the inserts in place, but also to provide a firm transfer edge.

These are your mattress base options – then you choose your inserts and covers to create the most customized package to suit your needs.

ROHO Mattress Sections & Foam inserts

ROHO mattress sections are non-powered, adjustable, advanced pressure relieving mattress sections. They are flame and fluid resistant and can be used in a number of configurations.

High Resiliency Foam inserts are available in a variety of depths. It’s also easy to upgrade to GelFlex™ from foam – you only pay the difference.

Recovery 5 Incontinent Covers and Coverlets

All of our mattresses and inserts come standard with a Recovery 5 anti-microbial base cover which provides incontinent protection for up to four hours, and aids in keeping skin cool and dry. It is removable, machine-washable, fluid-proof and fire-retardant. This material helps wick away moisture and increase air flow and breathability.

Top covers are sold separately and are available in the Recovery 5 Ultra material or the new Elastatex Platinum™. Both have 4-way stretch, are machine washable, and provide up to 6X more incontinent protection. The Platinum cover upgrade is that it is also MRSA resistant (see info to the right).

Coverlet: You can add a coverlet to your mattress which has stretchy corners and fits over the mattress (and inserts) like a regular fitted sheet. Each insert can also have its own removable zippered cover.

Zippered Enclosure Cover: The OSS and Adapt 2 mattresses both have the option of adding a zippered enclosure cover in either the Recovery 5 or Recovery 5 Ultra material.