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Permobil Academy: Power Seat Functions – Good, Better, Best

(2 hrs.)

General Overview: This two-hour interactive workshop will address common, yet challenging, patient scenarios and match the appropriate assistive technology (AT) options and unique configurations to create functional solutions utilizing a full spectrum of available technology. Through a clinical applications approach, we will review various client examples and applications of seating/mobility technology. Included in each example will be a review of clinical needs and the rationale for various seating and mobility solutions as they relate to funding and best practice. Utilizing parameters for best practice and the ICF model, participants will also learn how to better determine the most appropriate power wheelchair and seating system for client success and function while mitigating complications. Evidence-based application of power wheelchair and seating system features, including customization to individual needs and specialized solutions, utilizing different parameters and options of power wheelchair electronics to positively impact end-user independence and success, will be reviewed. This presentation will discuss emerging technology and how clinically connecting the wheelchair with emerging technology and applications provides new opportunities to facilitate client health, function, compliance, and to provide data to strengthen justifications and fuel research.

CEU Objectives: By the end of the presentation, participants will be able to:

  1. Differentiate two benefits and potential drawbacks of five different power seat functions.
  2. Describe three potential medical or functional benefits differentiating a tilt and recline system versus a tilt only system.
  3. Describe two ways how various power seat functions are used in everyday life.
  4. Illustrate three benefits to integrating a standing feature into a client’s wheelchair base.
  5. Identify two functional benefits of anterior tilt for increased functional independence.
  6. Demonstrate three ways that smart technology, connected to the wheelchair, can positively impact participation and activity outcomes for the wheelchair user.


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