The four principles of DRY FLOATATION® Technology

Six Degrees of Freedom

Each ROHO cushion has several individual cells. Each cell moves independently, allowing it to twist, turn, bend and adapt to your contours and anatomy.

Low Surface Tension

Our unique cellular design lets you sink into your cushion without deforming tissue, minimizing the chance of skin breakdown.

Constant Restoring Forces

When you are immersed in a ROHO® DRY FLOATATION® product, the forces and pressures pushing back are kept equal at all points. As your body is immersed, greater contact area is achieved for dispersion of pressure. The pressure on any one area is minimized.

Low Friction and Shear

As a result of the previous principles, DRY FLOATATION® technology provides a low friction and low shear environment. Friction acts to impede motion. Shearing occurs when opposite but parallel forces meet, and the outcome inhibits blood flow. The slick surface of the ROHO® cells combined with the independent movement of each cell greatly reduces friction and shear as you move.









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