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Applications for ActiveReach™ & ActiveHeight™

ActiveHeight™ and ActiveReach™ is the dynamic combination of power seat elevation and anterior tilt function now available to power wheelchair users who rely on power seat functions to improve their health, function, and participation in everyday life. The combination of ActiveHeight™ and ActiveReach™ allows the wheelchair user to perform tasks in a more ergonomically correct way, similar to how a non-wheelchair user would do. For example:

  • Approach a task face-on, instead of sideways
  • Approach a task at a functional height for that task
  • Approach a task at an appropriate angle for that task

Most environments, such as homes and workspaces, are designed for people to interact at different body heights and angles. For example, countertops are set at a height for a person standing; sinks are meant for people to be able to lean forward over; upper cabinets are meant for a person standing and leaning forward; closets are designed for people to reach into.

Now, wheelchair users have access to all these various functional positions, plus help with transfers, through the power seat functions of ActiveHeight™ and ActiveReach™. Learn more about how to reach for more on Mobility Management’s podcast: Applications for ActiveHeight™ and ActiveReach™ with Ginger Walls, PT, MS, NCS, ATP/SMS, Director of Clinical Sales and Education at Permobil.

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