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Our personal approach makes all the difference.

Here at Permobil, we take a personal approach to wheelchairs and seating systems. That’s a bold statement that speaks to the history of our three companies – Permobil, TiLite and ROHO – and to our combined strength in the complex rehab industry.

It means every product we create is inspired by the real lives of people with disabilities.

It means each of our employees strives every day to solve the challenges of mobility, comfort and safety. Challenges our customers face every day.

And it means that, no matter what our customers are striving for, we’re there to support them, using the latest technologies and our own ingenuity. Why? Because we believe everyone has the right to the same standards. That what a person is capable of should never be a question of ability.

Shannon Edwards, Valve and Inflate Laborer

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Shannon Edwards
Valve and Inflate Laborer

Our Mission Statement

Permobil will develop, manufacture and market wheelchairs, seating and positioning and communication systems for people with disabilities. Our products lead in quality, performance, safety and function – all to provide our community of users with the best possible compensation for their disabilities.

Our Histories

The three companies that make up Permobil have a rich history of advancing the industry. We are not afraid to go against convention to find new ways to use technology to improve lives.


Dr. Uddén was an outspoken advocate for people with disabilities, and built the company on the idea that every person with disabilities has the right to have his or her handicap compensated as far as possible to the same technical standard we all use in our everyday lives.

Our founder, Dr. Per Uddén, was driven by a passion to find new solutions to the problems he encountered in his work as a doctor. With a unique (especially for the time) focus on the patient, he and his team combined creativity with technology and mechanical ingenuity to write the first chapter in the Permobil story.


In the late 1990s, after decades of making custom bike frames, golf shafts and other titanium products, we asked ourselves: what if we could apply our knowledge of customization to wheelchairs? Would a frame built for one specific person perform better? Would it improve their quality of life? As it turns out, the answer is yes – and today we call this process TiFit.


SmartDrive power assist was initially developed in 2012 to improve the lives and protect the shoulders of manual wheelchair users. True to the Permobil mission, we believe everyone has the right to mobility. We have worked tirelessly to engineer and reengineer to include as many manual wheelchair users as possible and SmartDrive was also designed so it fits your chair with little to no adaptation. We also understand our work is never done, and are dedicated to continuing to improve on the revolutionary technology.


ROHO Seating and Positioning systems use patented DRY FLOATATION® Technology to prevent pressure injuries (commonly called pressure sores) that can be a serious health threat for people who spend much of their days in wheelchairs. The company was founded by electrical engineer Robert H. Graebe who was looking for a way to treat and prevent infections in hospitals. His DRY FLOATATION Technology mimics water in a dry environment and has been proven to heal and prevent injuries.