5 Minds Mobility

Addressing shear from the inside out.

5 Minds Mobility focuses on superior solutions for the painful and costly problems associated with shear and pressure management in high-risk patient groups.

With innovations like their patented Shear Reduction Technology (SRT) and extensive use of GelFlex, 5 Minds Mobility’s award-winning mattresses are designed to support your body for more comfortable and restful sleep. Achieving optimal pressure redistribution, envelopment and immersion for the prevention/reduction of pressure injuries carries through this entire line of products. Many of their products can also have the foam sections replaced with ROHO® inserts. Permobil Canada is the exclusive distributor for their mattress and pillows. Click on the logo to go to 5 Minds Mobility’s website for customer testimonials and FAQs. Want to learn more? Download their brochures from the links in the list to the right.

NEW! The Adapt 2 mattress with SRT is an innovative way to reduce the effects of pressure, friction and shear within the body of the mattress. The firm perimeter bolsters and 4” permanent GelFlex™ foot bolster hold the inserts in place without the need for snaps. The surface inserts can also be configured based on the individual client’s needs. Learn all the advantages of the Adapt 2 over the Snap Series here: English  French

To learn more about all the mattress options available, please click on the links in the list to the right.

NEW! Elastatex Platinum™ is a fluid-proof, anti-microbial, enclosure cover for the full mattress surface. It is a cast-coated polyurethane polyester fabric designed for applications where stretch and flexibility can help reduce interface pressure. An upgrade from the R5 Ultra, both have 4-way stretch, are machine washable, and provide up to 6X more incontinent protection. The platinum cover is also MRSA resistant. To download our Platinum mattress cover flyer, please click the link in the list to the right.

To order, please contact us at sales.ca@permobil.com.

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