Innovating for individuals

At Permobil, we have wheelchair seating solutions for every individual. Solutions designed for all ages, sizes, abilities, and needs. Our cushions range from basic to custom and include complex rehab’s most trusted names: ROHO® & Comfort.

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A TiLite Balanced Ride

What’s really important in a manual wheelchair? Finding the right one can be confusing, and knowing where to start is half the battle. Permobil’s new product selector guide for TiLite helps you get to what you’re looking for faster!

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Explorer Mini: Independence through exploration

Permobil is excited to introduce the Explorer Mini, a developmentally-inspired power mobility device designed to help aid in the achievement of early childhood milestones by promoting self-initiated movement.

The Explorer Mini gives young children, 12-36 months of age with mobility impairments, the opportunity to increase their independence through exploration.

Come & explore

PushTracker E2: Quicker Setup & Improved Features

The PushTracker E2 now comes with SmartDrive apps preinstalled. No Wi-Fi or smartphone required means the setup now only takes minutes! New features also include smoother SmartDrive wireless updates, new performance & maintenance notifications, and more ways to control your settings.

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Real-time power wheelchair insights

MyPermobil communicates directly with your power wheelchair and provides the most up-to-date information on individual battery range estimates, distance and seating behaviour.

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Introducing the new ROHO Hybrid Select Cushion

Permobil’s ROHO® Hybrid Select cushion breaks new boundaries as an all-in-one seating solution. The innovative design of the Hybrid Select combines the positioning capability of a contoured foam base with the skin and soft tissue protection provided by an air-filled ROHO® overlay and removable IT insert for offloading capabilities.

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Made for More: 2021 M-Series

The new M-Series is made for more adventure with
advanced technology providing increased driving range and battery life with real-time wheelchair insights using the MyPermobil app. FlexLink and FlexLink Pro suspension, along with high powered LED lights for enhanced visibility, allow you to conquer more.

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Permobil’s Solutions & Resources for Fighting COVID-19

Permobil teams across the globe have worked quickly and intentionally on several initiatives that minimize the risk of spreading contamination, while allowing us to continue to serve your needs. Click on the link below to find additional information on our strategic priorities during this time.

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Education & Evidence

Proof in motion.

The right chair can make all the difference — in your life, in your independence, and in your long-term health. See how we’re using the latest medical research to deliver information that moves everyone in our industry forward.

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Latest News
Problems with sliding out of the wheelchair

There are a few misconceptions that seem to persist in the world of wheelchair seating and positioning. Last week we looked at the wedge misconception, and we’re now taking a look why a patient could be sliding out of the wheelchair and some possible solutions. What should I do when my patient keeps sliding out of…

The wedge misconception

There are a few misconceptions that seem to persist in the world of wheelchair seating and positioning. We’ve talked in the past about the elevating legrest misconception. Today we are taking a closer look at the misconceptions having to do with a wedge style cushion. Will a wedge cushion keep my client from sliding out of…

Taking a Closer Look at Wheelchair Accessories

Too often in the world of seating and positioning, accessories are used as “band-aids” for a less than optimal wheelchair seating system. Accessories may not be needed if you take your time in selecting the right model and size wheelchair and then select an appropriate cushion and back support. When used the proper way, they…

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We take a personal approach to complex rehab equipment.

That’s right, personal.

Because we know every person faces unique challenges in mobility, comfort and safety. Challenges our pioneering spirit can solve through design, engineering and technology.

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United in purpose.

More than 40 years ago, Permobil was founded with an idea: that what people can achieve should never be a question of ability, and we have the technology to make this dream possible.  This belief is the very foundation of each of our brands – Permobil, TiLite, ROHO and Comfort Company.

Permobil Power Wheelchairs

The industry standard in enhancing mobility with more capable, more personal electric power chairs.

TiLite TR
Manual Wheelchairs

Pioneers in lightweight personalized wheelchairs, built for life.

Seating and Positioning
Seating & Positioning

Advanced seating and positioning for proven comfort and skin protection for everyone, compatible with any wheelchair.